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Year 4 – Fall 2020 | Winter 2021

Year four of the humankind series focuses on cultural, social and political parallels between the British Isles and the US. The humankind series is designed to engage our students and community in the possibilities afforded when we explore beyond our borders.

We welcome you to recap our Year 4 program

FALL 2020 | WINTER 2021

Lectures & Presentations

Exploring the life & story of Sir Walter Ralegh

With Dr. Alan Gallay

September 21, 2020

Presented by Professor Mike Nagle & Dr. Alan Gallay

Dr. Alan Gallay brings to life the story and accomplishments of Sir Walter Ralegh. Learn about the founding of Ireland, England’s “Lost Colony” of Roanoke, as well as the search for El Dorado, the legendary city of gold. Required viewing for anyone interested in the history of the British Empire and its early colonization efforts.   Gallay is an award-winning historian who serves as the Lyndon B. Johnson Chair in American History at Texas Christian University whose most recent work is Walter Ralegh: Architect of Empire. You can view the presentation here.

Before We Were Yours.

A WSCC Faculty Discussion

November 23, 2020

Presented by the WSCC Faculty Staff

Several WSCC faculty have adopted Before We Were Yours as a common read in their courses to better explore issues such as the institutional mistreatment of children, the rights of children vis á vis parents, as well as the impact of family separation and trauma on children.

Panel members for included Sèan Henne, Professor of English and Education; Jessica Houser, Professor of Psychology; Lisa Morley, Professor of Early Childhood Education and Child Development; Mike Nagle, Professor of History and Political Science; and Dr. Erwin Selimos, Associate Professor of Sociology. Each participant discussed the book from the perspective of their academic discipline. You can view the presentation here.


Tales from Scotland with Margaret Bennett

A Presentation by Margaret Bennett

February 17, 2021

Presented by Margaret Bennett

Margaret shared tales of Scottish folklore and traditions and even sang a traditional Gaelic song.  Margaret is from the Isle of Sky and comes from a long line of traditional singers and pipers – Gaelic on her mother’s side and Lowland Scots on her father’s.  While she credits her family upbringing with her expertise in Scottish folklore and folksong, she holds a post-grad Master’s in Folklore and a PhD in Ethnology. You can view the presentation here.

Crossing the Divide: Conversations in Irish Folk Music

A Performance by Professor Sean Henne

March 17, 2020

Presented by Professor Sean Henne

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and in keeping with its humankind series, West Shore Community College presented a musical presentation and lecture by Professor Seán Henne. Drawing on the strength of his family’s Irish musical tradition and his own experiences as an Irish studies scholar, Professor Henne traces themes of loss and reconciliation across several Irish folksongs. Both the history of Ireland and the experiences of immigrant families like Henne’s are full of hardship and alienation. But they are also full of hope and efforts at making real, positive, human connections despite the challenges, and that is the theme of the evening.

Dragons Can Be Beaten: Learning from the Literature of the British Isles

LIVE streaming event with our WSCC British Literature Students

April 13, 2021

Presented by WSCC

During this event, students in WSCC’s course “LIT 151: Topics in Literature: The British Isles” presented their thoughts on how writers from the British Isles have used their writing to slay metaphorical dragons, the sorts of personal demons or real social problems that impact all of us.

2 Holtwood Cottages: a Winterage

A film presentation and artist talk by Lucy Cash and Mark Jeffery

April 16, 2021

Presented by Lucy Cash and Mark Jeffery

During this event, Lucy Cash and Mark Jeffery premiered their new movie 2 Holtwood Cottages: a Winterage. The movie explores experiences of loss in rural Derbyshire – from day to day activities of laying a hedge or tending to a milking parlour, to the loss of a father who fell from the milking parlour roof, to the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. This movie brings forward the mineral and animal in all of us, and focuses on all of the words that describe our histories.

Art Presentation and Discussion Series

2 Art Presentations Throughout the Year

Art Presentation: 

The Works of Philip Hartigan.

Philip Hartigan is a UK-born artist and writer who now lives, works and teaches in Chicago. He also writes occasionally for Time Out-Chicago. Personal narratives (his own, other peoples’, and invented) are the focus of his studio work, and of several public art projects undertaken in recent years.

Art Presentation: 

The Works of Claire Ashley

Scottish-born, Chicago-based artist Claire Ashley mines the language of painterly abstraction, monumental sculpture, slapstick humor, and Pop Art to transform ordinary materials into inflatable painted sculptures

From the Stage to Your Home


Ben ilka gill | In each measure by Queen of Luxuria

Performed by Carron Little

In fusing poetry and performance Carron Little performs as Queen of Luxuria. In creating a live stream performance for West Shore Community College on Robert Burns night Carron is going to create a performance thinking about the musicality of language.

Celtic Music and Journey with Brian McClure

Live Online Performance by Brian McClure

Brian McClure sang, played some Celtic music on the fiddle, guitar, and bodhran drum, and took us for a trek through Ireland and Scotland.

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