Before Night Falls

October 15
6pm : Vogue Theatre in Manistee
Discussion following the film, led by WSCC Prof. Matt Sanderson

The film is based on both the autobiography by Reinaldo Arenas as well as a documentary Havana. Before Night Falls traces Arenas’ life, beginning with his childhood with his single mother and her parents. He moves to Havana in the 1960s and to explore his life and sexuality. The political climate in Cuba becomes increasingly dangerous, and in the early seventies Arenas is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting minors, and for publishing abroad without official consent. In the next decade, he is in and out of prison, attempting and failing to leave the country several times. In 1980, Arenas finally leaves Cuba for the US, starting a new life with his close friend Lazaro Gomez Carriles. He dies in 1990. The film stars Javier Bardem  and Johnny Depp, among others.