Artists & Culture in Today’s Cuba

October 30

Presented by: Yvon Grenier
12:30 pm : WSCC Center Stage Theater &
7 pm : WSCC Center Stage Theater

Explore the artistic realities in a post-Castro Cuba, and how artistic expression has not lived up to the anticipated renaissance many expected.  Follow this event on Facebook.

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Grenier examines the delicate balancing acts carried out in 21 st century, post-Castro Cuba by both artists and the government. To get at what’s going on in today’s Cuba regarding artists’ experience of creativity, freedom of expression, recognition, and who controls cultural life, Grenier explores questions such as the following: What 2 kinds of lives do artists in Cuba today lead? How is it like and different from the decades under Castro? What does today’s government want from artists? Is there more or less freedom of expression today? What might be next for artists? For the Cuban government? For ordinary people creating culture?