October 28, 2021

Book Talk & Faculty Panel

Here is a recording of our October 29, 2021 event.


Growing Up Rural: Opportunity Gaps for Young People in Rural America

October 28, 2021 @ 7pm


A presentation by Professor Erwin Selimos

West Shore Community College is pleased to announce a collaborative book discussion and presentation featuring Dr. Erwin Selimos, focusing on social mobility and opportunity gaps.

The book discussion is part of Mason County District Library’s racial equity book club, which will meet via on Wednesday, October 27 to discuss the book Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert Putnam at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. The book focuses on themes of social mobility and how the ZIP codes people are born into affect the rest of their lives.

The next night, Dr. Selimos will present “Growing Up Rural: Opportunity Gaps for Young People in Rural America,” at 7 p.m. The presentation will be held on Zoom. The presentation explores movement in terms of socio-economic mobility and the movement, for instance, from poverty to middle-class status in society. It will pose questions about job opportunities, the transition to adulthood, and family formation.

This presentation is part of the college’s Humankind series which this year is focused on the theme of movement. Dr. Selimos is WSCC professor of sociology and chair of the college’s assessment team. Dr. Selimos holds a PhD in sociology from University of Windsor.

Professor Selimos’ presentation will be followed by time for questions and discussion with the audience.

For more information about the humankind series, contact humankind@westshore.edu.