Exhibit: Cuban Posters From Politics & Films

Exhibit opening October 10 – December 7
Manierre Dawson Gallery at WSCC : FREE
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Experience the unique visual language and explore the impact of the decades old embargo on the visual language. The exhibition will present movie posters, event posters, and political posters found in Cuba.

About Elisa Shoenberger and her works featured in the exhibit:

Elisa is a true Historian and Art Collector. She is an avid Blogger.  She is the Editor of Antelope Magazine, The Antelope aims to record the beautiful and the odd. It strives to make visible through traditional and nontraditional documentation the full spectrum of human experience. The Antelope is a document. The Antelope Magazine is an exciting new literary magazine from the quirky minds of Meghan McGrath and Elisa Shoenberger. The magazine brings together our varied interests in oral histories, eclectic information, beautiful photography, snarky bird cartoons, and paper airplanes. The first issue is centered around the theme of Flight and where it takes us. We have oral histories with pilots, beekeepers, street artists, articles about zeppelin disasters and urban wildlife projects, poetry and even…storigami!