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FALL 2019

Lectures & Presentations

Returning to Cuba

September 12

Presented by Ruth Behar
7pm : Ludington Public Library

Discover Cuba as Ruth talks about some of her own experiences and reflections on the country she calls home. Born in Havana, Ruth is the author & editor of numerous works that focus on the culture of this island nation & her experiences as a Cuban American. Follow this event on Facebook.

Changes in Religion as Cuban Politics Evolve

October 1

Presented by: Silvia Pedraza
7pm : Ludington Public Library

This is the story of those who stayed in Cuba. Through beautiful slides, discover how people’s religious expression evolved as they lived through more than 50 years of changing politics. Follow this event on Facebook.

Artists & Culture in Today’s Cuba

October 30

Presented by: Yvon Grenier
12:30 pm : WSCC Center Stage Theater &
7 pm : WSCC Center Stage Theater

Explore the artistic realities in a post-Castro Cuba, and how artistic expression has not lived up to the anticipated renaissance many expected.  Follow this event on Facebook.

Changes in Religion as Cuban Politics Evolve

November 7

Presented by: Elisa Shoenberger
7pm : WSCC Center Stage Theater

Elisa will share how she obtained these posters through special permits from the Cuban government. She’ll discuss the rich visual language of graphic design reflected in posters and the production challenges that designers in Cuba face. Follow this event on Facebook.

Live & On Stage

The Pedrito Martinez Group

7:30 pm : Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts

Grammy®-nominated, Pedro Pablo “Pedrito” Martinez was born in Havana, Cuba, Sept 12, 1973. Since settling in New York City in the fall of 1998, Pedrito has recorded or performed with Wynton Marsalis, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, and Sting and has contributed to over 50 albums. The group’s self-titled first album (released by Motema Music), was released October, 2013, was nominated for Grammy, and was chosen among NPR’s Favorite Albums of 2013 and The Boston Globe Critics Top Ten Albums of 2013.

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Featured Films

Before Night Falls

October 15
6pm Snacks & Discussion, 7pm Film : Vogue Theatre in Manistee
Discussion following the film, led by WSCC Prof. Matt Sanderson

The film is based on an autobiography by Cuban writer and playwright Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990), an early sympathizer of Fidel Castro but later a critic of Castro and the 1959 revolution. Featuring Javier Bardem and Johnny Depp, the movie traces Arenas’ childhood, his move to Havana in the 1960s, his problems with the law for his sexuality and his art, his exodus out of Cuba in 1980, and his death in 1990. Follow this event on Facebook.

Rethinking Cuban Civil Society: Something Deeper than the Truth

November 12
6pm Snacks/Discussion & 7pm Movie : Vogue Theatre in Manistee
Discussion following the film, led by WSCC Prof. Matt Sanderson

Through interviews with Cuban writers, journalists, bloggers, academics, and musicians, Rethinking Cuban Civil Society examines possibilities in modern day Cuba for forms of citizen engagement and participation that can flourish outside the confines of the communist state. These include for-profit business, unrestricted internet use, freedom of the press, and the celebration of religious, political, and sexual diversity. The film thus helps us reimagine what an engaged Cuban citizenry can look like in the 21st century following the resignation of Fidel Castro and the loosening of the Cuban government’s restrictions on its people.  Follow this event on Facebook.

in the gallery

Cuban Posters From Politics & Films

Exhibit open October 10 – December 7
Manierre Dawson Gallery on the WSCC Campus – see open hours below

Experience the unique visual language and explore the impact of the decades old embargo on the visual language. The exhibition will present movie posters, event posters, and political posters found in Cuba. Follow this event on Facebook.

Coming this

Winter 2020

More lectures, presentations, films & an all new exhibit will be available coming this Winter 2020 beginning in January. Check back in November for a complete list of our finalized event line-up and details about the exciting programs as part of humankind’s year 3 study in Cuba.

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