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West Shore Community College is proud to bring you the fourth year of the humankind series, focusing on the British Isles. Here, you can experience LIVE virtual lectures from presenters around the globe from the comfort of your own home.  We hope you enjoy!

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Exploring the British Isles – Year 4 

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Ben Ilka gill | In each measure
By Queen of Luxuria

February 8, 2021 : 7pm ET/ 6pm CT
In a live stream performance for West Shore Community College’s humankind series on Robert Burns night, performance artist Carron Little, who performs as Queen of Luxuria, is going to create a performance thinking about the musicality of language.

Check back soon as we continue to expand our winter programming to explore the British Isles


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Come together with West Shore Community College as we embark on an exciting adventure to explore what it means to be human.

This series of lectures, exhibits, texts, film, activities and performances will provide diverse perspectives on a regions throughout our world . Connect with the cultures and peoples across all cultures and open yourself up to this opportunity to explore similarities and differences with our lives here in the US and lives half a world away.

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