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Lectures & Presentations

Dreams and Reality: Cuba's Economy Today

February 25

Presented by Dan Miller, P.h.D.
7pm : Ludington Public Library

Cuba’s economy is a complicated mix of heavy state control and private initiatives. The balance between the two wavers back and forth constantly, driven by outside forces such as changes in US policy and by internal pressures for stronger economic growth. And against both of these is the Communist Party’s demand for continued control. Join Calvin College historian Dan Miller to explore two critical questions: Where does that leave ordinary Cubans? What do they want? . Follow this event on Facebook.

Changes in Religion as Cuban Politics Evolve

April 9

Presented by: Carmelo Esterrich, P.h.D
7pm : Ludington Public Library

Using Lorne Resnick’s images as a starting point, artist and teacher Carmelo Esterrich will explore differences and similarities between photographs captured of Cuban people by Western photographers and images captured by Cuban photographers. He’ll highlight the difference in perceptions on race, culture, gender, history, politics, and more. Be sure to visit Resnick’s photographs at Manierre Dawson Gallery @ WSCC Mar. 23-Apr. 17. Follow this event on Facebook.

Artists & Culture in Today’s Cuba

April 16

Presented by: David Ewert, P.h.D.
7 pm : Ludington Public Library in partnership with the Sable Dunes Audubon Society

Kirtland’s Warblers spend their winters in the Caribbean and their summers in Michigan. Our countries follow different environmental policies. Yet who asks what kind of environment does this warbler need in each area? Michigan has spent time managing its lands to accommodate them. What does the warbler need in the Bahamas? How do disturbances in the warbler’s habitat in one location affect it in the other location? Follow this event on Facebook.

Changes in Religion as Cuban Politics Evolve

April 20

Presented by: Mona Hanna-Attish, M.D.
12:30pm : Pentwater High School

Residents throughout Michigan are invited to join in reading and discussing What the Eyes Don’t See, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha’s riveting account of her discovery that Flint’s children were being poisoned by lead leaching into the city’s drinking water. The book is Michigan Humanities’ choice for the 2019-2020 Great Michigan Read. Follow this event on Facebook.

in the gallery

Inspired by Cuba

Student work based on the study of Cuba

Exhibit open January 17 – February 14
Manierre Dawson Gallery on the WSCC Campus – see open hours below

In the fall, WSSC and area high school art students participated in two exciting workshops with humankind presenters. Cuban-America author, editor, poet, and University of Michigan Professor Ruth Behar directed a book-arts workshop and Chicago-based journalist and historian Elisa Shoenberger conducted a solidarity poster workshop. Students’ works created out of these workshops and on exhibit are powerful, witty, sensitive, and funny.

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Featured Films

Thirteen Days

February 11
7pm Film : Vogue Theatre in Manistee
Discussion following the film, led by WSCC Prof. Mike Nagle

Immerse yourself into an in-depth review of the tense times during the Cuban missle crisis between the US and Soviet Russia. Thirteen Days examines a variety of key elements that played into the tension between these two countries, including the state of the Cold War, the lack of communication between their leaders, and the collateral damage that Cuba faced as a result of it all. Follow this event on Facebook.

Community Doctors

March 10
7pm Movie : Vogue Theatre in Manistee
Discussion following the film, led by WSCC Prof. Matt Sanderson

Join us as we explore the free and world-renowned Cuban medical school attended by economically disadvantaged students from all corners of the globe as well as Cuba’s health care system. You will find yourself asking what resources and lessons from Cuba could the United States use to reform health care and medical schooling.

We will continue the conversation around public health by examining the differing roles of government in the health of its citizens as the humankind series welcomes Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha about the lead-tainted water in Flint, Michigan, April 21st. Follow this event on Facebook.

in the gallery

Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So

Photography by Lorne Resnick

Exhibit open March 23 – April 17
Manierre Dawson Gallery on the WSCC Campus – see open hours below

Lorne Resnick is a Los Angeles-based commercial and fine art photographer and educator. Beginning in 1995 Resnick began visiting Cuba and returned dozens of times, amassing thousands of images. He created the stunning book of photographs, Cuba: This Moment, Exactly So. This exhibition presents some of the works from his visits and his book. Follow this event on Facebook.

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